Monday, February 21, 2011

How do we know God has answered our prayer?

Miracles seem to have an interesting way of being explained away. Those who don’t want to believe put greater stock in luck or “a turn of events” than in God stepping in and doing something spectacular.

When we have prayed and “something” happened that changed the outcome of what was going on, predicted to go on and even expected to go on, a miracle has happened. And since we prayed, we can announce that God did it. We can’t pray, receive a miracle and then assume God did nothing. If something was “there” and just went away after we prayed, we can’t just pass it off as good fortune or relief that it’s over. We declare God took care of it.

How do we know God has answered our prayer? Because we prayed. God answers all the prayers of His children. Whatever the outcome, He has answered. For us to operate in faith we thank Him for whatever He chooses to do, even if what He chooses is different than how we prayed. It comes under His right to determine what is best in any given situation.

By praying, we are giving the burden and the outcome of the problem to God. It is no longer ours but His. And whatever happens, we, by faith, acknowledge He is in charge. So, once we’ve prayed, we trust, wait to see what He decides to do and then present Him our thanks.

Our grandson, Reeve, is our miracle. As quickly as the problems came on him they left with no explanation or treatment. Many prayed, many more rejoice with us in God’s intervention. Thanks be to God for His indescribable gifts!

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