Friday, February 4, 2011

Saga of a Cluttered Mind

I have to admit I’m distracted. The eighth of an inch of white stuff covering my deck makes me want to romp and play. Yep, I’m feeling frisky.

It doesn’t take much to distract me, however. Everywhere I look there is something begging for my attention. Seems everybody wants a piece of my focus.

How can a person, in modern times, give undistracted devotion to the Lord? For that matter, how has anyone, at any time in history, given undistracted devotion? There is always something shouting its importance into the moment. A sound, a sight, a feeling, a scent, a hunger: all have the ability to overpower my concentration.

Right now, I’m sitting in a quiet room wondering what’s on TV, wishing I had some music playing, hearing the hearer running, feeling the chill of below freezing temperature outside slipping through the window behind me, thinking about the project my friend wants me to help him with when the morning blizzard thaws, smelling the offensiveness of the neighborhood cat wafting in through the utility room, wondering when he will stop spraying inside my garage. While, at the same time, trying to hold back a flood of words all wanting to get out at the same time.

I’m capable of blocking those voices for short bursts, but soon they capture me. I give in and lose my focus and become distracted. It’s not just here and now, though. The same thing can happen in church or in my office or while driving down the road or praying or singing or reading my Bible. It is an ongoing battle.

How frustrating this must be to the Lord!

But my question is: How frustrating is this to you? Do you have the same struggle I do or am I in this war all alone? Is this just ADD or a common spiritual battle? Any thoughts?

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