Friday, February 18, 2011

Grady, Goober and the Grave Site

It was a hot and humid day. Grady and Goober had worked all morning digging and now were covering things up. Pastor Jerguson drove up. He got out of his car, put on his suit coat, tucked his Bible under his arm, and headed to the dig.

“No one else showed up?” he asked.

“No Sir, just us,” Grady answered.

“Well, we’ll make it quick, then,” he said. He opened his Bible and began to read how death had been swallowed up in victory.

When he paused to find the next passage, Goober broke the silence, “Pastor J?”

“Not now, Goober,” he said and began reading how to be absent from the body meant we were present with the Lord.

When he finished, Goober asked again, “Pastor J?”

“Goober, please, be considerate,” Goober stepped back and the pastor read that Jesus had gone away to prepare a home for us.

Goober waited until it looked like Pastor Jerguson was done and interrupted again, “Uh, Pastor J…”

“Goober, you must wait until I’m finished.”


“Goober, please, just bow your head and let’s pray.” The pastor prayed a high dollar prayer and committed the remains of Mr. Turrington to the Lord.

When he finished, Goober asked, “Now, Pastor J?”

“Okay, now what is it, Goober?”

“Pastor J, this is a septic tank. Mr. Turrington is over there under that tent, where all those people are waiting.”

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