Monday, February 14, 2011

Grady, Goober and the Valentine’s Day Plan

Grady got up early, saw the light on in the barn and went out to check. The door was cracked open a bit so he first peeked inside to see if anyone was in there. Seeing Goober talking to the John Deere was not what he expected to see.

He listened. “You’re the best tractor in the world,” Goober said. “I just love your pretty green color. I think you’re the sweetest tractor there ever was. You’re sweeter than sugar cane and molasses and honey and red hots and Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup and grape jelly and peppermint candy and them almond things with candy on the outside.”

Grady could stand it no more. “Goober, what the heck are you doing?”

“Well, I heard this lady on the radio say the way to a woman’s heart is to say sweet things to a tractor. I got my eye on Francine Peters down at the church so I figured with Valentine’s Day today I’d try what the lady said.”

“Think it will work?”

“Don’t know yet, I just started.”

(modified from a friend’s email)

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