Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ain't Over Til It's Over

Good thing we don’t have the responsibility of determining when our lives are over. Can you imagine calling it quits and the very next day God has a boat-load of blessings set to be delivered to your address? Or shutting everything down, then somebody comes by that wants exactly what you’ve been selling all these years. I can’t imagine living forever with this what if stuck in my mind—what if I had waited? What if I hadn’t been so anxious to turn out the lights?

And then, a church calls and says, “We need an interim.” That sounds doable. I believe God would have be do that. So I started the interim. But God had other plans.

People started coming. Excitement began to permeate the place. We opened the spill-over room on one side in the back. Later, we opened the other side. We get done and they won’t go home. They stand around and visit and enjoy the fellowship. The atmosphere is good.

Then God said, “Let’s make this permanent.” And the people voted and unanimously agreed God had spoken. We celebrated and sensed something special was going on.

I even agreed with Obama, “You didn’t build this.” There is no way a person or persons could do what God is doing here. He is setting His seal on North Shore Church and declaring it a place where 
His reputation (glory) rests.

Where He’s taking us is still a mystery, but it is clear He has something in mind.

Now, I just need to keep from messing this up.