Monday, May 2, 2011

If Osama's Death Doesn't Bring You Peace...

What gives someone closure? That moment for which something that happened is reconciled. I find it hard to think the death of bin Laden will bring closure to anyone for what he’s done to the United States. I agree with the operation that took him out but I’m not sure the results will help matters.

Maybe it is my lack of trust of Al Qada, but I suspect a plan was set into motion at the announcement of his death that we should anticipate evidence of before long.  Reason being, this is a war with terrorism. It’s not a chess match. We captured the king but the pawns are already empowered to keep jihad alive.
Bottom line for us—we belong the real King. Because our lives are entrusted to Him, whatever happens in this world will not remove us from His hands. If we are caught up personally in the conflict with evil, we may lose the battle but we will not lose the war.

The only One who can damage our souls is the One who has chosen to secure our souls to Himself. We need not fear the one who can destroy the body since our souls remain safe within God’s grip.
In the meantime, we keep vigilant. We keep on the alert. We have an enemy that prowls about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may destroy, which includes us. But realize this: we do not cooperate with his intentions but resist him by drawing near to our God.

Our military will not be our salvation—as good as our military is. Our hope is not in the machinery of our government—no comment about its goodness. Our trust is placed in an Almighty God who will accomplish what concerns us in all areas of our lives.
Regardless of whether our nation as a whole is under His care, we, His children, are. And being under His care is the best place we can be no matter what happens or what’s going on.

His plans for us do not change simply because the world is going crazy. Rest in Him my friends. Rest in Him and be at peace.

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