Friday, May 6, 2011

So, You Want Revenge?

Al-Qaida has announced their plans of retaliation in response to bin Laden’s death. Interesting concept retaliation. When chosen as a justified response to someone else’s actions, retaliation becomes an unending cycle of destruction.

As I understand it, bin Laden was guilty of organizing the terroristic assaults against the US. As the main player in Al-Qaida’s network of senseless brutality against the world, he had a price on his head. That price was extracted last Sunday.
To sensible people that should settle the score. To Al-Qaida it justifies retaliation. Which means this thing will never end.

War isn’t like conflict. War has enemies and expects those enemies to be taken out. War isn’t personal. The fight is against national ideals. Both sides consider themselves right. In the end the stronger wins and the matter is resolved.
A conflict is personal. The fight is against my ideals. Your actions offend me. If you say anything against my thoughts, convictions, leaders or belief system, then you have insulted me. I therefore have the right to pay you back for your intrusion into my life.

To us, we are fighting a war. To Al-Qaida, we are engaged in a conflict. Which means, their right to retaliate can go back to the Crusades if they want to, or it can be as fresh as killing a renegade and jihadist Muslim. Whatever they believe we have ever done to dishonor them fuels their justification to retaliate. Apparently we have hurt their feelings. The result: hurt people hurt people.
Once upon a time you could have a fight, beat the snot out of someone and that would settle the matter. Now, you just tick off a whole bunch of friends and family. And no one ever stops to consider how right the fight, who started it and what it was about.

Retaliation is an unending cycle of destruction created by people who know nothing about resolution. They think two bads make a good. They expect their actions to even out what’s been done against them. They are living an impossible dream at our expense.
“Vengeance is Mine,” says the Lord. Only He can settle the score and that day is fast approaching.

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