Friday, April 29, 2011

Secular Christianity

Jesus said, “When I come back, will there be faith on the earth?” He wasn’t concerned about there being people who believed certain truths, but about there being people living in a trust-based relationship with the Father. Would there be disciples—committed followers—around or just a bunch of religious spectators?

The kind of Christianity being promoted today is more faithless than faith full. Belief has been separated from trust. Believing the tenets is considered sufficient evidence someone belongs to the Lord. I wonder how many will be shocked when Jesus returns and they are excluded from the reunion, expounding their head knowledge devoid of any heart knowledge.
Israel as a nation has a Jewish society. Within that society there are some that practice their religion but more who only hold certain beliefs. The secular Jews outnumber the religious ones.

Christianity is becoming like that. Since America is considered a Christian nation (by most), the majority will state common beliefs but a much smaller percentage demonstrate any Christian practices, the primary one being faith.
Can there be such a thing as a faithless Christian? Well, if you listen to those without faith discuss Christianity, the Bible or God in general, you discover a strange disconnect to understanding. The few facts they may get right have no bearing on their lives. They lack the grasp of what those facts mean and how they should live in light of what they say they believe.

It is secular Christianity—beliefs without faith.
Secular Christianity doesn’t honor God. It’s not why Jesus came and more specifically died. It is not included in Scripture as a means by which God is glorified. It does not please God.

Lord, may I, today, demonstrate my beliefs by living faithfully before You so that if You come today the answer to Your question will be “Yes!”

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