Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Don't You Hate It When That Happens

Captivated. Seized within a moment. Overwhelmed by a thought or movement, a sound or a sight. Stopped at the crossroad of my attention.
It happens regularly. Out of the ordinary or out of the blue, something grabs me and draws me in. It can be intentional or stumbled upon, like the blind squirrel finding the acorn. I can go after it or discover it has gone after me. I can expect it or be surprised. But when it happens, I am often amazed.
God built life with adventure in it. He hid nuggets of brilliance underneath piles of regular stuff. He inserted treasure within the ordinary things that seem so common that we easily take them for granted. He provides a day full of busyness with fifteen seconds of exhilaration like when we notice a sunset, hear a wind chime, smell fresh coffee, hold a baby, imagine Heaven.
We can read scripture and suddenly sense the heartbeat of God, feel the fresh wind of the Spirit, realize a verse has been written for us. In prayer, we become aware that the veil is being lifted, not by our words but by the very presence of the Lord. We are no longer just going through an exercise but being transcended into the divine. We are captivated. Seized within the moment.
Time loses its demand. Needs are no longer necessary. We are there, with God and nothing else matters.
Then the cell phone rings…

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