Thursday, December 2, 2010

My, What Sharp Teeth You Have

From where I was when I first saw him I thought the dog was waving at me. As I got closer I realized it was his back leg. Strange thing perspective. He wasn’t doing anything wrong, just being a dog. So I began to think about a dog’s life. There he was inside his chain link domain doing what? Well, beyond the obvious, he was watching over it. He may not have the title watch dog, but that’s what dog’s do. They watch over their space.
Dog’s have a strong sense of territory and a stronger sense of responsibility for all that’s within their territory. They get up every day with the same agenda: keep in what is supposed to be in and keep out what’s supposed to be out. If anything threatens to intrude into their yard, they’ll bark their heads off, growl and lunge at the intruder till he goes away.
I stopped to look at a Corvette for sale in a yard and hurried to get back in my car when a massive Rottweiler flew off the porch toward me. I had invaded his space. I uninvaded it much more quickly than I invaded it.
Protecting our space is highly important to well being. We keep our kids away from harmful sights and sounds. Who keeps us away? Used to be we would invite TV into our homes to entertain us. Now TV invites us into its lair to entrap us. Do we know the difference? While on the internet, pop-ups entice us to travel deeper into a cyber world of temptation. Where’s our watch dog? If he’s asleep on the porch he isn’t really on the job.
Peter said to keep on the alert, for our enemy is prowling around seeking a way to pounce on us. And his pounce isn’t to play, it’s to eat us for lunch.
Probably, there isn’t anyone on earth watching out for you anymore, so you need to become your own watch dog. It’s your territory. Keep the intruders out. Keep the squeaky toys in.

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