Friday, December 3, 2010

Can't Wrap My Brain Around That

Having a hand-held device that knows more about where I am than I do is frightening. I consider myself relatively bright but have to admit sometimes the fog rolls in. When it does I lose perspective. How on earth does this GPS thing know where I am and which way I need to go in order to get to where I want to go? I find that amazing as well as frightening.

I’m not a techie, just ask my boys. So I have to just accept things I can’t figure out. A GPS is smarter than I am and if I trust it, I’ll eventually get where I need to end up.

When I don’t trust it and go with my instincts, it corrects me. Often I’ve heard it say, “re-calculating…take next exit and make a u-turn.” To which I’ve replied many unkind and inconsiderate comments, yet complied. Result: it was right all along.

Peace in my life works the same way. Paul said if we’d give the focus of our anxiety to God He’d give us peace that would reach beyond our ability to even understand why we have it. Sort of like having peace and a problem at the same time and the peace winning the battle of supremacy in our hearts.

I don’t have to understand how it works. All I know is it does. God is smarter than I am and if I trust Him, I’ll eventually get where I need to be, fog and all.

Now what happens if I press this button? Oops…that can’t be good.

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