Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Christmas Wish for You

I wish for you my special friend that all you need, you’ll find
Is here within these chosen words I’ve written and I’ve rhymed.
I hope the peace your heart desires compels you now to rest,
For the Lord of lords is there with you and offers you His best.

May the burdens bending so low give way to His release,
The stirrings troubling your soul be forced, at last, to cease.
May promises you’ve tried to claim be given one more chance,
For the King of kings extends His hand and calls you now to dance.

So dance with Him with all your heart, reject the urge to stop,
His pleasure makes the music play, enjoy His Holy Hop.
He waits for you to hear His voice and step beyond the crowd,
And in His power, right now, this hour, to dance with Him out loud.

Yes, dance with Him with all your heart, dance with all your might.
For God Himself delights in you, He wants no silent night
But radiant hearts who make their praise an offering of noise,
Who twist and shout, and spin and twirl, who dance with open joy.

And if I might cut in and help you whirl across the floor,
I’d love the chance to show you all the more God has in store.
And when we’re done, fulfilled and full, and quietly we stand,
We’ll turn and clap and show our thanks to that rocking, Heavenly Band.

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