Monday, January 31, 2011

The Reality of Imagination

We have grand imaginations. They are the transporters that beam us to places, people and potential residing as thoughts within our minds. They produce the out of body experiences where we leave one room and travel to another time and place. Through our imaginations we can run away and yet remain, we can find comfort within discomfort, we can sense bliss among thorns.

The imagination lets us visualize answers to problems. We dream of solutions and see our way through. It lifts us above the maze and lets us find the route to the open door. The power of our imagination helps us believe in a reality beyond the present moment.

I am convinced the imagination is a gift from God wired into the faith mechanism that allows us to believe in things invisible. The ability to know for certain that there are things beyond what my eyes can see can only be defined as the “what’s possible” in life. Knowing there is a “what’s possible” becomes a tool which makes trust work.

People who give up have usually lost touch with their imagination. To them doors have shut and cannot be opened. Obstacles have overtaken possibility. And God has ceased to exist.

The imagination allows us to breathe hope into any and all situations, not by giving credibility to an illusion but by removing the hindrances placed there by doubt.

By giving our eyes of faith the opportunity to see what the eyes of doubt won’t even look at makes trust work. When trust works, God smiles.

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