Monday, February 6, 2012

Why Am I Here?

Ever feel trapped? Like being sandwiched between what is and what you know could be? You see both sides clearly. You know which is better. You even know how to get it there, but it’s out of your hands. Every day you envision the possibilities, only to get snapped back to reality when someone reminds you your job description doesn’t cover such privilege.

Solution one: just settle back and do what they hired you to do—your job and nothing more. Show no initiative, look for no answers, stay within your cubicle. That’s probably easy for them, but for “big picture” folks, for those who see everything interconnecting, who let the paint run over the lines in order to blend in with the rest of the scene, it’s misery. Like watching the clarity of Blue Ray when you’d prefer everything less distinct and more natural. Just do your job.

Solution two: keep dreaming but expect to be frustrated. There are a lot of pooh poohers out there. Those who have little imagination beyond their limited scope. They can’t even grasp the concept of there being anything except the box, much less risking the effort to think outside it. They are neat, everything in place, calm in the water, do what’s expected kind of folks. They’re great for filling in the blanks but ask them what the words in the blanks mean and they have no answers. You’re better off just keeping your thoughts to yourself.

Solution three: look for the reason God has you there. Frustration grows when we lose purpose. If I have to have surgery to fix a problem and I lose sight of the end—problem solved—I will grow frustrated with the pain. If my truck develops a problem requiring it to go to the shop and I have to struggle through the day without it, my frustration will grow unless I envision getting it back fixed and usable again. If I become infuriated with diet and exercise (writer’s imagination) I have lost sight of why I’m doing this.

Solution three gives me the means by which I can go on—a purpose bigger than my frustration. I can violate God’s intentions and end up where He doesn’t want me (free will), but once I am there God’s intentions crank up again. He has a will concerning wherever I am. It may be for me to make a difference where I am. It may be for where I am to make a difference in me. Either can be highly rewarding, however, we may not know which it is until after it’s over.

What I’m called to do is live faithfully in the great not yet—the time within which I have no clue why I’m here or what’s going on. I must look beyond the frustration to the higher goal of honoring my commitment in order to be faithful to the God who loves me and calls me according to His purpose. If being faithful becomes my goal, every day can hold amazing treasures God will help me find.

I don’t have to worry about where this is going or where it’s been. I only have to deal with where it is and how I fit into that moment.

God help me get my eyes off of myself and onto You and your intentions. Save me from my own inflated sense of importance.

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