Thursday, February 2, 2012

Borrowed Words I Need Today

I read Michael Hyatt’s blog this morning and thought his thoughts were higher than my thoughts. He wrote of changing our attitudes. Since attitude has a life-altering effect on how I see my life and live my life, considering these truths may make a difference today  wherever I go and with whomever I connect.

    • I am not here by accident. God sent me. To these people. At exactly this time.
    • That’s because He has a purpose; therefore, I have a purpose in being here.
    • Through Christ, I can do all things. He has given me every resource I need to succeed.
    • I have the energy, the passion, and the message to make a huge impact—now and for eternity.
    • What I have to share today is vitally important. It matters. To them and to their loved ones.
    • Those that hear it will be changed forever. Years from now, they will look back on today and say, “It started here.”
    • By God’s grace, I am prepared. I am strong. I am energetic. I am outstanding. My heart is wide open. I will connect and make a difference!

I cannot remain the same if I believe what I have just read.

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