Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Act of Balancing Our Lives

It is much easier to trust God when everything is going well than it is when the bottom is falling out. Confidence rides high when it’s not forced to prove itself. Words assuring ourselves and others we are living by faith and prepared for whatever may come are but fluffy meringue when the test comes. They are but “clouds without rain.” Puffs of promise with no ability to quench a thirsty moment.

In reality, trust is designed to operate as designed. That design is that whenever we lose peace, trust compensates to bring us back into balance.

Like a rock precariously sitting on a pencil point precipice, it remains there because it’s balanced. To remain balanced, whenever something overloads one side, something must be added to the opposite side. Too much on one side without compensating means the rock will fall down.

There is a balance in our lives called peace. It is an intended tension between forces trying to take us down and those providing our support. Like the dynamic between gravity and lift that lets a plane fly. One force pulling down the other pushing up. During the moment of flight they balance one another then the greater force wins out—lift. When lift does it’s work, gravity must give way to it.

Trust is like walking spiritually. It is a balancing act plus movement. I cannot walk leaning away from where I’m going, nor go straight while tilting to the side. Following Jesus requires us to walk as He did. That walking carried Him upright, purposeful and in absolute peace that the Father would be faithful to Him and through Him.

If I am without peace, I am not trusting. If I am trusting, I have peace. If my life is out of balance, I have gone with the weight that is pressing me down not the One seeking to lift me up.

I choose to walk strong and upright today!

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