Monday, September 19, 2011

Joy's Curtain Draws

Joy’s curtain draws upon the scene, the richest moment now concealed

From eyes that strain for what it means to only see by what we feel.

We grope along familiar walls now absent of our common marks

That show we’ve traveled down these halls, once adorned but now are stark.

Can faith sustain the mortal need to light the path on which we walk?

Can faltering steps that now proceed carry us on or make us balk?

The burden in our quaking souls cries out for help from raging fear

That tightens its constricting hold and whispers doubt within our ear.

“You cannot journey without sight,” it tells us and we must agree.

Our eyes are blind without the light but hope remains and will not flee.

But shall we take our faithful torch, hold it high and in its glow

Fondle through by what we touch, assured by self the way we go. 

We dare not strike the match of pride, ignite the flame of passion.

Desires of self will only hide the true illumination.

Will we trust our feeble spark that shadows as it blurs,

And fails to push away the dark with poorly aimed flickers?

Will we attempt to slowly move and pray we do not crumble?

Want our pathway cleared and smooth, and hope we do not stumble?

Or will we call on God divine whose promises are strong?

And will we stand before Him blind, singing Heaven’s song?

As faith embraces Holy Light and arguments are done,

With darkness all around as night, we see, we walk, we run.

For now our vision is made clear, our hidden pathways known.

For now we travel without fear, our look is up not down.

God, our Light, has shown on us the joy His promise makes.

So we of breath and earthly dust can live and give Him praise.

Then the blind can surely see what eyes within reveal

That God, our guide, who reigns in me makes the passage real.

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