Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Playing Politics in a Spiritual Crisis

When all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. Not sure who said that originally, but the point remains. Having limited resources to deal with issues often forces you to use inappropriate means to address those issues.

In the push to make America a secular community devoid of our Christian heritage, leaders have taken the position that politics is the answer to all the problems we face. To their credit, many times they are right. A fallen society needs rules and regulations. The abused and forgotten need help. The protection of our nation requires a well-financed infrastructure. Interaction with other godless and secular nations is often best carried out politically.

But when it comes to dealing with a religious-based country, movement or threat, politics is a weak and ineffective approach. Islam is a religion. The followers of Islam have a higher sense of obligation to their system than politics can achieve. When dealing with Muslim countries, unless one grasps the spiritual significance of what has, is and will be going on, attempting political solutions is a joke.

Why do Muslims want Israel to die? Why are we called the Great Satan? Why do they believe in the promise of a leader coming in to take over the world who looks a whole lot like the antichrist or Beast described in The Revelation of John? Why do they want to bring the world under Shariah Law? They are following a spiritual mandate. To wade into these waters with only a political opinion is not only dangerous, but its effect would be like trying to hold up the Titanic with a pair of waterwings.

Muslims and Muslim nations are all driven by the same forces. For some those forces take them to extremes as we would define it, but still appropriate to their teaching. Others are more reserved yet fully engaged. That is not political, it is a measure of their faith.

Funny to think that Washington and the rest of the governments of the world, who are afraid of Christianity, Judaism and now Islam, would expect their earthly devices to solve these spiritual crises. I only hope that before they bury us, someone wakes up to the reality that what’s going on cannot be solved by playing politically correct games but rather by becoming biblically astute.

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