Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Lesson of the Wolf and the Lion

Not sure where I first heard this story but…
One day a hunter, walking through the woods, saw a wolf that had no front legs, lying underneath a tree. He could tell that the wolf was healthy, not recently injured, but couldn’t figure out how he lived. He sat on a log away from the wolf and watched. Shortly a lion came out of the forest with a rabbit its mouth. The lion dropped it in front of the wolf and walked away. The wolf ate the rabbit.
Amazed, the man came back the next day, around the same time. There was the wolf. The man sat on the same log and watched as the lion appeared out of the forest. He carried the leg from a young deer. He dropped it in front of the wolf and walked away.
The man began to see the greatness of God. He said, “That’s how trust works. I no longer need to hunt. I will simply sit in my house and wait for God to bring me what I need.”
After many days the hunter was becoming desperate. He had not eaten, expecting God to bring food to his door. He began to blame God and challenged His faithfulness. Then God spoke and said, “You missed the lesson of the lion and the wolf. You would rather imitate the wolf when you should be following the example of the lion.”
Somebody need you today?

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