Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ranting About Reality Shows

There was a day that the title “Star” meant talent. Someone had shown achievement in singing, dancing, acting or any combination of these abilities demonstrated by producing quality entertainment and as a result were designated with that austere title. A staring role meant you were the main talent. Secondary roles gave you a lesser title of co-star or also appearing.
 What’s the deal with reality show “stars?” These people, however scripted or not the shows are, simply react to stuff going on around them. And that makes them stars? Whatever happened to good songs and good scripts whereby people with talent could capture you and take you into their performance? Watching someone’s stupidity or vulgarity inspires no one.
Where have the creative minds gone? Is no one capable of producing TV shows, movies or music that inspire you to reach deeply within the page and latch onto that nugget of good, polish it off and use it to sing better or act better? Can anyone write humor without being vulgar? Can singers do their performances without becoming immodest? Can writers look into the future and see hope? Can we ever realize that fifteen minutes of exposure doesn’t make us famous?
Just because someone’s on TV they are not a star. They may be a feature but they are not a star. Take them out of their weird world of “reality” and make them do something that requires skills and genuine talent and see what they do. Watching them throw fits is not entertainment.
I don’t have a direction these thoughts are taking me, just releasing some frustration. I know what talent is. I see it in my family every day. I recognize it in a song. I read it in a book. I watch it in a movie or show. I don’t think what is being thrown at us today has anything to do with talent.  And while we’re being force-fed this trash, the real talent is never being discovered and not being given its chance.
You with talent…keep it up. Don’t lower your standard just to gain fifteen minutes of recognition. Know the power of the Creator has greater things in mind.

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