Wednesday, June 15, 2011

God Don't Make No Junk!

I’ve never been very good at the activities of life that gain you notoriety or fame. I wasn’t the fastest or strongest or the one everyone looked up to. I haven’t won at contests that reward you with wealth or prestige. I couldn’t sing or speak or act as well as others more deserving of the position or role. I haven’t written the novel everyone wants to read which will become the movie everyone has to see. I’m not overtly influential or significant. The earth doesn’t shake when I walk by. No one asks me at the end of the day, “Will that be all, Sir?” Nobody sits at my feet to hear my wisdom and insight. I stick my finger in a glass of water and leave no impression.

But when God made me, He did so with purpose and plans. He had intentions and ideas. He had a strategy that vitally connected me with more than I could ever comprehend.
So being the best doesn’t really matter. I may not even be in the top ten of the best. I may be somewhere in the middle. I don't even get to hang out with those classified as the best. I may be closer to that horrid word average. But the thing that makes me special is the fact that God doesn’t make junk. He never says “Oops,” He doesn’t make mistakes.

I’m not an accident. I am a child of God who by my very existence brings delight to my Father. I have the privilege of giving Him pleasure by entrusting my day to Him. By faith I will live this day as though the spotlight of His greatness is on me. I face the day with the confidence that through my life God will gain great praise and His reputation will be exalted above all others trying to interfere with His honor.
Today, I’m dwelling with the best of all bests because I'm walking with my God.

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