Thursday, June 9, 2011

Biting the Hand that Feeds us

Buddy bites the hand that feeds him. Is he stupid or what? Why would a cat bite the one that’s meeting his daily needs? I place his food in his dish, scratch his head and he turns and bites my finger, not hard but with enough pressure to make me jerk away before he can latch on.

You would think that he would understand that such behavior is inappropriate. It’s not like he’s a kitten who doesn’t know better. He’s a full grown cat.
Biting the hand that feeds you is one of the more insane actions anyone can commit. Here you are being served your supply, being cared for, caressed and you turn and express your gratitude by biting the very fingers expressing love.

Is it ingratitude for what’s in the dish? Is it confusion as to how important the provisions are? Is it because of a disconnect between what we wanted and what we need? Is Buddy showing disapproval of me?
Buddy is an old Siamese who lives three houses down but is always in my garage every morning for breakfast. He’s been coming for so long I consider him my cat. I care for him. So why does he bite me?

 All I know is how it makes me want to react—lock him out and send him away empty. Why don’t I? Because I have chosen to care for him. His attitude and actions don’t erase my commitment to him. I rise above them.
He may not respond with the gratitude I prefer, but I know what’s best for him. He needs what I offer. I will continue feeding him, scratching his head and pulling my fingers back just before he bites.

I will be faithful to him, even if he is unfaithful to me. Not because he deserves it but because my commitment to him demands it.
Lord, Buddy and I are a lot alike, aren’t we?

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