Friday, January 7, 2011

Upping My Want-to

I have two cats that depend on me. Dippy is mine, Buddy lives down the street. They both greet me each morning singing some discordant song as they beg for food. It’s not like they can’t survive by instinct. Dippy presented me with a dead squirrel a couple of days ago. She’s capable. Buddy, on the other hand, couldn’t find a squirrel tied under his neck. He’s crossed-eyed. It’s a Siamese characteristic. But the fact that they both meet me for breakfast is a reflection of their dependency. Buddy, because he has to, Dippy because she chooses to.

I’m not sure if I was Dippy I’d be so consistent. I don’t like routine.  I don’t like the same thing for breakfast every day. I like variety. But Dippy gets the same cat food day after day. Buddy seems content to get whatever’s served.

In reference to me coming to the Lord each day, which cat am I? Do I come to Him because I have no other choice or do I come because He is my choice? Am I devoted out of necessity or am I devoted out of delight? Is He fulfilling His obligation to me or is He overwhelming me with carefully designed provisions? Do I come because I need Him or because I want Him desperately?

Obviously all of the above is true, but my response to Him will be different according to my attitude. Dependency without choice creates rebellion. Got any teenagers? Choosing dependency actually is an expression of devotion which produces a healthy relationship. God demands dependency but desires it to be an offering not a debt.

God doesn’t want us to meet with Him while wishing we were someplace else, or doing so only because we feel obligated to do it. He desires fellowship.  

I like Buddy, but I prefer Dippy because after she eats she hangs out with me. Buddy just goes back home.

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