Monday, January 3, 2011

One Word at a Time

Blank pages are amazing! I stare at them and see words, hundreds of words waiting to fill them. Words that will entertain, teach, enlighten, amuse. Words that will connect, refresh, confirm, inform. Words that will tell stories, relate instructions, define life, recapture moments. Blank pages just sitting there waiting for the words that make them come to life.
I’ve tried to rewrite yesterday. But since history is history I have found that I can only edit the words in order to make things clearer. You can’t change the story. I’ve also tried to write tomorrow today. But that’s not a real story. It hasn’t happened yet. It’s called fiction—the stuff we imagine. No, I can only write what’s going on right now.
We’re all writing a 365 page book one page at a time, each page an expression of the present as it’s happening. If I keep reworking yesterday’s page I’ll not give sufficient attention to today’s assignment. If I try to write tomorrow’s page today, I’ll lose the value of the moment. Today just won’t mean as much as it’s supposed to.
Advice: stay current, don’t get behind and don’t work ahead. Enjoy today’s stuff.
Jesus said: “Don’t worry about tomorrow for today has enough to concern yourself with already in it.”
If I relive yesterday or spend too much time imagining tomorrow I’ll miss today. Today’s the day the Lord has made. This is the day I should rejoice and be glad. Yesterday’s treasure was once tomorrow’s hope but was found in today’s privilege.
I love blank pages. They’re just sitting there, waiting for the words to be written. Now…I wonder how today’s adventure is going to add to the story.

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