Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Life Sucks the Joy Right Out of You

The past few weeks have been busy. I'm in that cycle where I spend nearly all my energy throughout the day, get home with little left, go to bed and get up to do the same thing the next day. My life feels like the hamster on the wheel.

Busyness can become a great danger. It can consume us, use us up and drain us of the excitement of life. We can become so busy doing life that after a while that's all we're doing. We end up just fighting to keep up. Life becomes a drudge, a necessary job to be carried out. Where did the abundance go? Where are the promises of peace? And where’s the joy?

I enjoy aspects of Fall. The temperatures, the colors, the change. But I don’t like the leaves. All my life, it has been my job to get rid of the leaves that fall during Fall. And I can put off that job as well as anyone. A  measure of clutter doesn't bother me. I long ago decided clutter isn't sin. And having clutter doesn’t mean I don’t know where things are, just that they’re probably covered up by something less important. Like my lawn. I know that somewhere underneath all the leaves is my grass. It doesn’t go away, it just gets lost to the clutter. A few hours of raking or running the mower brings the grass back. It was there all along but just covered over by natural events and my neglect.

Busyness is my Fall. While I’m so engaged in doing life I allow stuff to cover up my Joy. It’s the clutter that builds up, gets shuffled around and ultimately blocks my connection.

Busyness is my downfall. Whenever I allow anything to become more important than the reality of God in my life, that that I declare most important will overshadow the rest. What then is relegated to the shadows, loses significance and influence over me. It is then that not caring about the clutter becomes a problem.

In all your busyness, don’t lose sight of the Treasure. Prevent the clutter from obstructing your view of the One who makes life worth living.

Question: How do you keep God in the forefront of your life?

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