Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Indescribable Joy

Ever hit a moment in which you need to describe something but can’t find the right words? All that your senses have taken in mesh into a beautiful picture in your mind but it’s far too overwhelming to explain. I know what I’m trying to say but I just can’t say it. Joy fit into that category.

How can you tell someone you’re okay when, from the outward appearance, your life seems devastated? How can you, in the midst of trials and tests, say I’m doing well? How can you stand up when everyone else’s knees have buckled them to the ground and with confidence say that God’s got this under control?

Paul wrote: “Don’t let your anxieties control you, but instead reconnect to God in prayer, telling Him what’s gripping your life. When you do, you will experience the full measure of God’s peace which will be indescribable. That peace will become like a barrier separating you from your anxious thoughts.” (Phil 4:6-7 loosely paraphrased)

Sometimes words just can’t explain what God is doing in our lives. People only see the outside. They don’t know the source and activity of our Strength. But we know it’s there.

Fortunately, explaining joy isn’t necessary in order to experience joy. I need no formal training, no mentor, guide or teacher telling me what to do. All I need is a willingness to take the raw needs of my life before the God who has the power to exchange what I give Him for the joy of belonging to Him.

How might that interaction go:

US: Father, I’ve got this concern.

GOD: Got it.

US: It’s eating me alive.

GOD: Got it.

US: It’s draining away my joy.

GOD: Got it.

US: I don’t know what to do.

GOD: Got it.

US: Please help me.

GOD: Got it.

US: Will you take it from me?

GOD: I already have.

US: Oh, thanks.

GOD: Don’t mention it.

US: I’m not sure I could even if I wanted to.

And at that moment the peace that brings joy becomes suddenly indescribable.

Question: Have you had a moment when you’ve been so overwhelmed by God’s goodness that you just couldn’t say a word? Comments?

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