Monday, April 2, 2012

Don't say change is impossible!

When Sennacherib, King of Assyria, was taunting Judah, he used the oldest fear tactic out there—look at the circumstances. He used actual footage of real life accounts of what he had been able to do to other nations and imposed past history on Judah’s present situation. That’s easy to do. It makes sense. How it’s been is typically how it’s going to be.

He told them how foolish it was to trust in their God since the gods of all the other nations had not been able to stop him from conquering of their lands. And with that being the appearance of what had happened, it would have been easy for them to agree and give up.

However…setting aside the fact that there are no “gods” to help the other nations, our God had not had the final say. Just because someone boasts of his success doesn’t mean he’ll win the next battle. And though Satan has triumphed in the past, doesn’t mean he’s on a role to victory. He’s still defeated even though he operates as though he doesn’t know it.

I saw stuff in Haiti that I felt could never be changed. I saw people living in disgusting circumstances with no hope of getting out. I saw a cycle of despair so well-fixed that it should continue on indefinitely. But I also saw a God who is infinite in His power to make changes.

I also see that same God here with the same capabilities to make changes even though things have been going this way for quite a long time.

When God is trusted, change happens.

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