Wednesday, March 27, 2013

No Good Days or Bad Days – Only Days

We are so quick to evaluate our lives and set an opinion over what’s going on. If I don’t like how things went, I declare it a bad day. If I do like how things went, it’s a good day. My judgment holds final sway on the value of my day.

Only problem with that, if I can limit it to only one, is we are not in the best position to determine what is good or bad about our day. We lack perspective.

Perspective gives me context. What led up to today is as important as where tomorrow fits in. If I don’t recall yesterday, and have no clue about tomorrow, then I’m not the best one to decide if what’s going on is good or bad.

That doesn't mean I have to like what’s going on. I may even hate what’s going on. But I’m not in position to say what’s going on is bad or good.

Only God can make that call. Only He has perspective. Only He knows what this moment means in the context of our lives. Only He knows how this fits into His plan of accomplishing what concerns us. Only He knows how this turns out for good. Only He knows if this is about them or me.

My job is to trust, not judge. And definitely not to interfere. If I’m caught in the middle of something I don’t understand and anxiety is raging within me, He said to pray. When we pray, He sets up boundaries around our mind and heart to protect and provide for us while He works out His best.

And by the way, our opinion about our day doesn’t matter to Him. What matters is if we will trust Him with our day.

Question: Can you remember a day when you thought life was over and God got you through it?

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