Monday, March 11, 2013

Need a Hammer?

Nailing something down carries with it the thought of securing it so it will stay put. When we install a roof we nail it down do it won’t blow away. When we lay a subfloor we nail it down to provide a strong surface for a finished floor. When we’re building a deck we nail down the surface boards to provide a sturdy platform for entertaining. Nailing something down is intended to hold it in place.

Truths need to be nailed down. Since truth doesn’t change, we need to secure it into our minds so that when we need to bring it back from memory it’s right where we left it.

There are times when we need quick access to what we know. Times when someone or something is challenging our opinion and we need God’s opinion. Times like in the darkness when we can’t read Scripture or in the silence when we can’t hear voices or in the confusion when we hear too many voices--we need to know what God has told us, preparing us for this moment.

Having truth nailed down means we declare it so and have it available when our circumstances need it.

Someone said never doubt in the darkness what God has revealed to you in the light. Meaning—back in the light God gave you truth which you nailed down in your mind. Now that you are in a challenging moment use that truth, don’t doubt that truth.

Find joy in this verse: Even when we are faithless, He remains faithful. God doesn’t change. Neither does His truth. If it was true when He told us, it cannot be false at some point later. If He told us nothing can separate us from His love, how can something ever separate us? If He told us nothing can ever take us out of His hand, how can something ever take us out of His hand? If He told us He would be with us always, how can He ever not be with us always? If He told us He will accomplish what concerns us, how can He not accomplish what concerns us?

Joy comes when we accept God’s faithfulness as one of His unchanging characteristics and nail that down in our minds.

Question: Need a hammer?

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