Thursday, March 21, 2013

Everything’s Got a Price Attached

Whether we realize it or not we prioritize our valuables. That which holds greatest worth gets our attention, time and effort. Rarely is the value measured in money.

We have junk we’ve gathered throughout the years that means nothing to nobody else but we’d be crushed if we lost it. Trinkets filled with memories of a person, a place, a moment in time. Anyone who saw it might toss it because they don’t see in it what we see.

Some of the stuff we value really is just junk, but once we put a price on it, it moves off the junk list onto the prized possession list.

I’ve seen rings people treasure that are worn, unimpressive and out of round, but Momma wore that ring. I’ve seen a chair that sinks in the seat, has worn arms and headrest, that should have been thrown out years ago but that was Daddy’s chair. I’ve seen scribbles on paper stuck to a refrigerator door that resemble nothing on this earth but some grandchild made those scribbles. Things that say nothing to us, speak volumes to somebody else.

Jesus tells of a farmer that finds a pearl in a pasture and has to buy the whole field because somebody dropped a pearl in it. It wasn’t the field that he wanted but the pearl. The field suddenly became valuable because of what he discovered in it.

God brings value into our lives in subtle and insignificant ways. No flash, no pomp, no theatrics. He just slips it in and counts on us to realize it’s there. When we realize what He’s invested in us, our lives become valuable. God doesn’t make junk and doesn’t give junk as gifts. He adds value. Like dropping a pearl in the dirt.

He has placed pearls in us, that to others may have no recognizable value, but to us they are life. Joy is one of those pearls. My joy may mean nothing to you. To me it’s priceless.

Question: Found any pearls inside you lately?

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