Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Drank Coffee Before Coffee Drinking Was Cool

Money can’t buy happiness but can it buy coolness? Jan got me a Keurig single-cup coffee maker. My first encounter with the machine was at Josh’s church office. I thought it was great for a public setting. Everyone could get a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate according to their preference, fresh and made to their taste. I wasn’t sure you’d need that at home.
When he and Bethany got one, I enjoyed the choices. Then Jody and Victoria got one. Now I’m impressed. I can have my own cup of coffee at my strength when I want it. (They always make their coffee on the strong side.) Coolness was developing. It was like Starbucks® had moved in overnight.
Well, now we have one. Jan, not a coffee drinker, makes herself a cup of tea whenever the urge hits. I have my selection of coffee every morning. We’re cool. Amazing how one little machine can elevate you from bland to stylish so easily. We leave it out on the counter for all to see.
Everything we have had its own coolness back in its day. Sitting there in the store, brand new, cutting edge, high tech, we took image and forced it into need. We thought, gotta get me one of those, because it fit our concept of what the cool people had. Then six months later they got something else and we haven’t even finished paying for the first thing yet. Cool changes. You can’t keep up with it. My 36 inch, non-HD, big hunkin’ TV was cool when we got it. Now, I’m not so sure.
Somewhere we have to establish our own credibility of coolness. We either are or we are not, and no gadget is going to change that. I’m just not cool, so whatever I buy has to serve a need practical to my life. It’s not going to elevate my status.
“As a man thinks in his heart so is he,” Proverbs says. Not sure he had coolness in mind, but how you see yourself from the inside can’t change by what you have on the outside. Coolness is a state of mind. That being the case, I’d say I’m a little more room temperature than cool. But I still enjoy my Keurig.
Lord, remind me the prize I’m to keep my eyes on isn’t the stuff on the shelf, but the glory of who You are.

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