Friday, November 12, 2010

Holy Cow You Silly Goose

They say if the cattle are lying huddled in the pasture, prepare for bad weather. Okay, what if the cattle are lying huddled in the pasture and a goose is sitting in the middle of them? Thus, my observation on the way to Plum Grove this morning.
As you might expect, several scenarios ran through my mind.  If the cows expect the river to overflow its banks and flood the farm, then they probably hired the goose to swim off and tell the farmer where they are. Or, maybe he’s there to honk or something when he starts floating. That way they’d have enough time to head to higher ground before things got too deep. Or, he probably has no clue why he’s there.
All my life I’ve heard the expression “silly as a goose.” I’m assuming that “silly” means something akin to unable to realize the importance of the moment, or clueless to what’s really going on, or flat out ignorant. But how is a goose silly? Does he tell amusing stories? Is he good for a laugh? Or is he just loony? And can you trust a silly goose? If the cows are counting on him for some legitimate concern, they may be terribly disappointed. I’m not sure you can ever trust in the faithfulness of a goose.
Then the scene in my mind changed dramatically. It wasn’t a goose in a pasture, sitting around with a bunch of huddled cows, it was me going about my normal routine and having my own faithfulness questioned.
Jesus wondered this about His return, “When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith?” He’ll find plenty of us but will he find us faithful to His cause? And if I’m the goose among the cows and they’re counting on me to be faithful, will I be? Or will I just be silly?
God, may what You’ve invested in me show up for others as I live faithfully in my pasture.

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