Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Good, the Better and the Very Good

Ever fail a personality test? I took this test in Seminary that was supposed to show us our leadership strengths, pointing us to a particular area of ministry we would be best suited for. Each direction was supported by a collection of questions randomly inserted into the questionnaire. When the scores were tabulated, those numbers were transferred to a graph. The graph had quadrants with lines going off toward each corner. Once your numbers were written in, you drew lines connecting all the points. That then showed you your strength. Guess what: mine was a circle. I had no strengths. Neither did I have any weaknesses but it was embarrassing. Everyone else in the class had these egg-shaped ovals on their paper and smiled approvingly at what it proved. Me, I slipped mine back in my notebook and tried to look happy. I went up to the prof afterwards and showed him. He said he’d never seen that happen before.
Great! I’m a zero—the only person in the world to ever take this test and end up as clueless when it was over as he was before it began.
We want to be unique. We want to stand out in some way. Zeroes don’t. That can mess you up until you realize God doesn’t make any junk. After everything He created He said it was good. Then after he created people he said, “Very good.” That’s a pretty broad declaration, but that declaration included me. Oh, I’m not wonderful, the best. I’m not even great. But I’m very good.

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