Monday, November 5, 2012

When You Only See His Eyelids

What does it mean when God blinks? Well, what happens when we blink? There is a momentary disconnect. For a millisecond you cannot see my eyes. If you cannot see my eyes you don’t know if I’m focused on you or not. Freeze that instant and you might think I’ve left the moment entirely.

When God blinks, He gives the appearance He has temporarily left us. Of course He hasn’t, but it is necessary He give the appearance He has left. Actually, when God blinks He is testing us to see what we choose to do when we think He isn’t looking. It’s a great strategy. A lot of unapproved activity goes on when kids think their parents aren’t looking.

When God tests us, He doesn't want us to participate in the unapproved activity. He definitely isn’t setting up an opportunity for us to fail. He’s just giving us the privilege of working on areas where we struggle with obedience.

Tests come under the category of refinement. The goal is purity—improving the quality of the life. How? By showing us where we have yet to surrender to Him. Why? So I can gain victory over my rebellious tendencies.

If I’m having problems with my anger, what do you think God is going to do? Insulate me from situations that aggravate me or give me tests that bring my anger to the surface?

If I’m having problems with fear, will He keep me safe or allow me to face situations that make me afraid?

If I’m having problems with loving others, will He keep difficult people out of my path or let me run into them all week.

If I'm having problems trusting Him, will He straighten the path and remove all the obstacles in my way or give me a detour where I have no way to get through it without relying on Him?

God isn’t trying to make my life harder—just the opposite. He’s trying to remove from my life the debris that clogs up the flow of His intentions within me. And blinking is the best way He can do that. By exposing my faults He forces me to deal with them.

So when God blinks, He hasn’t disconnected from us, He has intensified His gaze upon us urging us toward success.

PSALM 11:4 The LORD is in His holy temple; the LORD'S throne is in heaven;
His eyes behold, His eyelids test the sons of men. (NASB)

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