Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Praying Words From Empty Hearts

I don’t like people to read prayers. That may have a place in spiritual expression, but not in prayer. Prayer is conversation with God. How weird would it be for two people to write out their conversation with each other then sit down and take turns reading what they have written to each other? How is that conversation? Where’s the dynamic, the flow, the spontaneity?

Prayer requires my mind and heart to be engaged in talking with God. That’s why vain repetitions bug God so much. People have ceased praying when they simply repeat words.

And why do we ask God for things He’s already promised to do? Do we not trust Him to keep His word? Do we not think He’ll remember if we don’t remind Him?

We tell Him to be with us. He’s promised He will be with us always. Why would He not be with us on our trip, in our venture, in a worship service?

We ask Him to guide us. Isn’t that a guarantee that comes when we trust the Lord with all our heart and lean not on our own understanding?

We ask Him to empower us. He’s promised more power than we could ever imagine or ask for. Why would He place the source of all power within us then expect us to ask for what we already have?

We invite Him into our problems. He’s already there. It would be like asking someone already in the room to come into the room.

We ask Him to bless us. He has, way more than we could ever deserve. Everyday is full of His blessings. Why would He stop blessing us?

We ask Him for His favor. We’re His children for crying out loud. We are favored beyond all the rest of the world because we are His and He has committed Himself to us.

If we would ever stop and listen to what we’re saying to God in our prayers we would discover we are highly immature. How do I know? I just finished my prayer time and am ashamed to say much of it was just words.

I hope you’re doing better at this than I am today.

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