Monday, January 14, 2013

Finding Your Joy Spot

Flying became possible in the movie Hook when Peter Pan found his happy thought. Life had changed him, disconnected him from who he was, and pressed him into a different mold. He no longer could function as the Pan and was now just a man.

At the insistence of the Lost Boys he forced his mind to reconnect with a thought that lifted him back into the air and empowered him to be who he had always been.

Paul said, “I urge you, fellow believers, based on the mercy God has given you, that you present yourselves to Him as an on-going, holy and acceptable gift, which is the natural expression of your life when you declare Him as that which is most valuable to you. And don’t allow the world to press you into its mold so that you reflect its values, but realize you will be changed when you remind yourself of what God’s intentions are for you—intentions that are good and perfect and acceptable.” (Romans 12:1-2 loosely paraphrased)

Just like Peter Pan, we have this spot inside us where we get redefined. It reminds us of who we are, who He is and what He has promised. It reconnects us with the fact that His intentions are always good. And when we get to that spot we can find the joy that lifts our lives back to where they should be. In fact we can “Extend our wings like an eagle does and soar to heights well beyond the restraint of the circumstances of our earthly existence. In that place we rise beyond the tiresome weariness of life.” (Isaiah 40:28 loosely paraphrased) And then we soar in those heavenlies where joy flows in abundance.

  • Have you lost the joy you discovered when you first gave your life to Jesus?
  • Where did it go?
  • Is it gone forever?
  • Can you ever get it back?
Reconnecting with the Joy of Jesus requires us to return to our Joy Spot. Go back to that moment when He became the most valuable person in your life. Stay there and soon you’ll feel the wind rushing past your wings and you’ll fly again.

Question: How do you find your Joy Spot? Comments?

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