Friday, October 26, 2012

Sorry, I Was Distracted

When it comes to temptations, some are invitations but most are merely distractions. Both have sufficient power to mangle our lives.

A lure dangling in the depths is there to invite the fish to bite. When he does he is caught, entangled in a trap that will eventually have him dancing in a frying pan. But the same lure dropped near where he usually finds food, may so capture his attention that he misses the opportunity for genuine nourishment. While distracted by the lure the real meal swims away, leaving him with the substitute or nothing.

When we have a distraction in our lives, even with no intention to bite, it can be as damaging as a direct invitation. It consumes our mind. It fills us with unsatisfied desires. It dominates the moments that hold great potential for higher thoughts. It robs us of clean minds and pure hearts, which interferes with us ascending the hill of the Lord. All the while being just a distraction.

The fight within is rarely over major matters of disobedience. We’re not struggling with breaking some commandment. We rarely wrestle with the desire to intentionally sin against God. But we battle distractions constantly.

Distractions side-track us during prayer-time. Distractions compete with our desire to be singularly devoted to God. Distractions clog up the flow of God’s power drawing us to focus on His sufficiency. Distractions trip us up when we wish to walk by the Spirit. Distractions make us stop for green lights and go on red ones when trying to follow God’s will. Distractions hide within our mind and pop out randomly and inconveniently throughout the day.

Needless to say, the greatest danger we face is being distracted. Not only are we going to miss great things God has prepared for those who love Him, but we might actually become so entangled in the distraction we crash. Ever nearly wrecked your car while texting?

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