Monday, January 30, 2012

Be a Duck!

When  the boys were little and had moments of disappointment, like when something they wanted didn’t work out, or somebody said something that hurt their feelings, I’d tell them to be a duck.

A duck is designed to float on the water. His feathers are a protective covering made to form a tight seal to prevent the water he’s sitting on from absorbing. If the water ever got through and absorbed he was going down. Repelling the water was the key to his ability to stay on top of the waves instead of sinking beneath them.

Even in a rain storm, he could still float. The water would drip on this head then trickle off without soaking in.

The boys learned that absorbing the bad comment or latching on to the bad feelings would weigh them down excessively, making it difficult to function. So, like a duck, allowing things to drip off would keep them on top of the water.

I’ve watched them since and realized that all those lessons gave them were tools. The lessons provided resources. They didn’t force the boys to use the resources. Occasionally the boys have taken in too much of their frustrations and have experienced life just under the surface. I have ached for them but realize I can’t make them be ducks. Only they can choose to be the duck.

As God made the duck to physically repel water, He has made us to not drown by our circumstances. I will still be affected, still get wet, may even go under the surface for a while, but I don’t have to drown. He has provided the resources, I must choose to use those resources.

I’m going to be a duck today. I choose not to absorb what my circumstances rain upon me. Today, I will walk with the Lord who remains on the throne regardless of any and all circumstances. Today, I am a duck. Hear me quack. See me waddle.

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