Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Of Course He's Heavy He’s My Sumo

Einstein gave us the Theory of Relativity. Using his theory I have determined beauty is relative. Sumo wrestlers are not what we might consider beautiful. I don’t think they are intended to be. Attractiveness is not a necessary characteristic of their sport. But then that’s just an outward perspective. Hollywood is full of people considered beautiful. Probably it's what helps them do what they do, but then again, that’s simply an outward perspective, too.
Here’s the problem: when we stop with the outside we never really know how beautiful the whole package really is. We make assumptions but those assumptions are often wrong.  Unless there is a code connecting the outside and inside people often discount the inside to emphasize the outside.
Sumo wrestlers are revered in Japan. They have a code that dictates both their outward and inward lives. Their appearance is part of that code—fat, nearly naked and long hair—but their life regiment reflects their inner commitment to being a Sumo. It takes both parts to make the whole.
Hollywood's code seems much different. There, they bank on someone based on how they look on film. But off camera some of those same people show a much darker and less attractive side of who they really are on the inside. How do those dissimilar parts make up their whole? Do they have a code?
Paul asked God to preserve our spirit, soul and body completely. That must indicate He has an interest in the whole. If Paul thought God was only interested in how we look on the outside linking our spirit and soul to our body would seem out of place, inappropriate, and an unnecessary burden. Same if it were the spirit or soul only He was interested in and not the outward appearance. We're a total package. All three, together, demonstrate who we are. 
You actually can judge a Sumo by his size, because, since he is a Sumo and is to be living by the code, his outward appearance is a reflection of the total commitment of his life. Wearing the name Sumo is more than an accessory, it’s the life. For Sumos and for Christians, what shows up on the outside represents the bigger picture of what's on the inside as well.

Unless, of course, Einstein was talking about kinfolk...

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