Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Cow With Lipstick is Still Just a Cow

Perspective is important. Perspective has the power to affect our lives. Through perspective, we can bend facts around our little fingers. With perspective, who needs absolute truth.

I’m looking at my grass, or what’s left of it. And, of course, the weeds. I’ve decided, since weeds are a shade of green, anything green will be called grass. Wallah, I no longer have a weed problem in my lawn.

I’m looking at my gut. Though medical science says it’s fat cells pooching my belly out, I’ve decided to call it muscle. Who needs a six-pack when you can just enjoy a whole case. Ergo, I no longer have a gut problem.

This is actually fun. Take whatever’s bugging you and change your perspective. Rename it something else and the problem goes away.

Little hairs growing out of the side of my ear I will call tentacles. Like Spiderman they will help me feel my way around in the dark. They now have a purpose and I rejoice in them.

Snoring is a sign I’m not dead. So by snoring, I am sending messages to Jan throughout the night that she can rest well, knowing I’m still with her.

Who needs truth when you can make up your own reality by simply changing what something is called, or redefining its purpose. I love perspective.

By my own might, I can recreate the world. I can supersede God’s commands. I can rewrite the Bible. All I need is a little creative perspective and I can change God.

Perspective is basically our take on what we are trying to understand. It’s our assessment, our coloring, our taint, our bent. Perspective is not interested in discovering what’s right, it simply wants a platform from which it may declare its opinion.

Curious thing truth. The Bible holds it up as a standard for the practice of living. It’s given much more attention by God than perspective is. In fact, never will you read: perspective will set you free, but you will find: truth will set you free.

Finding our perspective may be fun, but it comes with bondage. I wrap myself in a package of myself and walk around like some stupid mime trying to get out of a box of our own imagination. The freedom I thought I was expressing has enslaved me.

I prefer God’s approach to setting me free. I choose truth over perspective.

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