Monday, July 25, 2011

I Have Funny Grandchildren

I have funny grandchildren. Beyond how exceptional they are (as most grandparents believe) mine are really funny. The three that are two years old have very sharp little minds. I never knew you could be witty and two.

Bella discovers funny connections in words. Her mom was serving edamame the other night. So she began to call her mom edamommy and her dad edadaddy.

Emma sings. She began singing very low and loudly. Her mom told her to sing pretty. She went high and soft. One day she put her fingers in her ears and began to sing. She pulled them out and said, “I like this.”

Reeve had no swimming pool at their house so he found a cooler and filled it with water. He climbed in and had his own swimming pool.

Emma loves fairies. Her grandmother put some fairy wings on her, she turned and said, “I can’t fly.”

Bella makes up songs. When she was younger, she’d hear words that fit with songs she’d listen to on Classical Babies. Her favorite was Mozart. Though he intended no lyrics, her versions had the words he left out.

Emma was asked at church what her name was. She said, “I Emma like to go shopping.”

Reeve’s grandmother was watching him “swim” in his cooler. She wouldn’t swim with him so he came over to where she was sitting, picked up her leather sandals and put them in his “pool”, all the while laughing.

Bella was singing to her parents at dinner the other night and chose to do a medley of favorites. She sang: “Twinkle, twinkle little star, H I J K L M N O P, up above the world so high, W X Y and Z…”

Emma was at our house getting ready to go swimming. Her grandmother told her to go show her mom and dad. She went into the living room, stood in the middle of the room and said, “Look at me.”

Yes, they are exceptional children, being raised by exceptional parents, loved by exceptional grandparents. But, honestly, they are really funny.

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