Thursday, February 17, 2011

Man, Am I Thirsty

I have this plant in my office that demands a lot of attention. Every few days it begins to droop. But after a couple of cups of water and a few minutes it comes back to life. Water is essential to its survival.

When the little deer in the Psalm pants for the waterbrook, he has become like my plant. He feels the life draining out of him and begins to crave the water just over the ridge at the base of the valley. Why? He knows what it will do for him. He knows it will restore him, quench him and satisfy his deepest desire. Show him a hundred alternatives and he’ll flash past them on his way to the water.

Jesus promised us living water—water that gave life. He said drink from this water and you’ll never thirst again. I’m not sure He meant you’ll never thirst for the water He gives again, only that you’ll not thirst for substitutes. Once you find the real thing you’ll never find anything else that satisfies as it does. The deepest longing will be quenched.

Not that we’re not stupid enough to try other things, just that the other things don’t really do it for us.

Ever hear someone say: “It was in the last place I looked.” Well, why would be keep looking for something after we’ve found it? “Yeah, it was in the next to the last place I looked.”

The little deer pants for the real thing. If he won’t settle for less why should I? Lord, my leaves are drooping again. Could I have another drink of Your water, please?

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